An Ultimate Guide To Connect An Audio System To Ps4?

In the modern era, gaming has become the ultimate profession for every ps4 and other game lovers. Streaming is done world widely where gamers play their favorite games and share the live stream with others. To have a better stream, good speakers are essential.

We are here listing out an easy guide for connecting an audio system to ps4 for better streaming and listening to shots done at the farthest place. For learning more about the audio system connection to ps4, consider reading out the essential details mentioned below.

Easy guide to connect an audio system to ps4!

If you are opting for wireless connections with ps4, you are mistaken as it wouldn’t happen surely. With cable, you can connect ps4 with audio system and adding on to chances of streaming better. However, Bluetooth speakers with 3.5 mm audio cable can connect with ps4 easily; also, most Bluetooth speakers are provided with one.

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Two ways to connect the audio system to ps4

  • The audio cable can be put in use to connect speakers directly to your ps4, and Bluetooth speakers are also provided with cables, so with the use of the one, you can connect. Wired output in Bluetooth speakers works for most speakers. This cable would enable using an audio system with ps4 and streaming better.
  • Connecting speakers directly to your ps4 with the use of an audio cable is helpful via Bluetooth, depending on the ability of tv. You can easily connect your tv with HDMI that would further play audio through speakers connected to the tv. You can connect it with both cable and Bluetooth.

To connect audio cable with ps4 for that simplest way is connecting the DualShock controller with a 3.5mm cable. Plug 3.5mm audio cable in port on your ps4 controller and another output speaker would be surely helpful. For enabling it, you can select the settings with the controller and connect with audio devices, and with that, you can easily connect the headset connected to the controller.

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However, Bluetooth devices can be easily paired with the ps4 once you turn the device on and allowing you to experience better gameplay or stream.


In conclusion, we can conclude to the aspect that it would be optimal to choose for the great experience of ps4 gameplay. In addition, with a 3.5mm cable, you can easily connect the device with the speaker and experience incredible experience. You can follow up on the details mentioned above for playing ps4 with an audio system with Bluetooth or cable to connect devices.