About us

A confusing industry

When meeting the audio industry, the mega-stores will tell you that you should expect for your loudspeakers (in plastic) to be included for free in your music system and the price for such a system corresponds to the price for a pair of good shoes. Others will tell you that you should listen to the music on your computer because that is “good enough”. Some will tell you that a loudspeaker is about design because you can’t hear the difference anyway. You will be recommended to read hi-fi magazines where the ”journalists” magnify their personal ideas into truth. They will tell you that sound is a very complicated thing and in order to understand the subject, you have to read a hi-fi magazine. Some will tell you that loudspeakers cost yearly pay and require that you re-arrange your living room or your house. Almost everybody will tell you that you must be interested in technology because this is where the real difference in loudspeakers is to be found. We Are Building Better does not agree to any of those attitudes. Our company that has no roots within the audio industry. We do not want to contribute to the confusion. We rather want to contribute to understanding.

Sound is a universal language

We know that all people have the ability of appreciating good sound. This is a human quality. Small children enjoy good music before they can read and write! You only need to listen to an orchestra for very few seconds before you can judge whether the musicians are in good shape today or whether the spirit is missing. Music follows us through all of our lives, intensifies and emphasises feelings and keeps memories. Music is understood and used by all people and can describe meanings and feelings where words alone are not enough. And if you have tried just once to watch a movie without sound, you know that the sound is at least half of a movie experience.