What Is Distance That You Need To Maintain From Speakers?

Are you an audiophile?  Do you enjoy the great sound quality from speakers to enhance the viewing experience? If yes, you must know the accurate positioning of speakers in your space that would improve the listening experience of an individual.

We are here looking at tips for positioning speakers for experiencing the best listening experience. Speaker positioning is one of the crucial aspects that is often neglected. If you are curious about attaining better listening of your speakers, do consider the learning details mentioned below.

Distance to maintain from speakers!

You need to actually maintain distance about two feet towards the wall so that soundstage feels more three dimensional. To attain a convenient listening experience, you must be opting for proper distance as it reflects the sound better, and the ideal sound is delivered to you.

positioning speakers


For smaller rooms, you can consider to choose for speakers closer to your positioning; however, for larger rooms, positioning can be different surely. It is convenient for people to choose for speaker positioning closely instead of randomly putting your speakers on the spot.

Upgrading your sound system isn’t actually a reliable choice if you have positioned your speakers wrongly. If you are experiencing the poor sound of the speaker, then it is a better option to follow up, that is the right positioning of the speakers. With simple alternations into the positioning of your favorite pair of speakers can turn out to be helpful for you surely.

Pay closer attention to room size and shape and understand how long your frequency or wave travel through and set up the position afterward. Ensure that you are not mistaken with proper positioning of your sitting as well as it might absorb sound, and convenient experience might not be attained.

Points to remember

  • Speakers must be laid out to ensure the length of the room. For the surround system, there is a complete scenario where your tv is an important aspect to consider also chair or sofa is ideally placed in the middle of the room instead of closer to the back wall.
  • For an improvement in the mid-range and mid-bass, consider maintaining the distance between the wall and speaker. It is reliable for people to position your sitting with the right distance from speakers to have enhanced listening experience.
  • To set surround sound, you must follow up the principle of keeping your subwoofer at least 30 cm away from the speaker for prevention of reverberation as well as an echo that makes listening experience annoying.