White Roof Campaign

If every roof were made white, the emission reduction would be equivalent to turning off the world’s power for a whole year!

There appears to be severe lack of awareness of the simple, more affordable changes that individuals can make, which collectively would contribute significantly to a reduction in carbon emissions.  Individuals want to contribute to combatting climate change, but invariably feel disempowered or simply don’t know how.  We hope to raise awareness in the community about feasible actions, and to facilitate the transitions. 

We are inspired by the ideas of The White Roof Project, in New York., and are working on a similar campaign here in London.  We will approach local business and property owners and offer to paint roofs white by organizing community paint days.  We will inform roofing companies of the importance of encouraging consumers to choose white roofs, and hope to organize a discount or rebate for customers who choose white.  We will lobby council to introduce financial incentives for installing white roofs.

We are being trained to install roofs and will be replacing our roof in the coming weeks.