Retrofit Model Home


We are retrofitting a heritage home in Old East to approach net-zero emissions.

We have an electric car, a Nissan Leaf, purchased through the Ontario electric vehicle rebate scheme.

We conducted a home energy audit.

We are participating in London Hydro’s peak energy pilot program and have had a smart meter installed.

We have ordered triple glazed, energy star rated, Canadian-made windows, to be installed in March.


The attic insulation has been increased to R50 with the addition of recycled fibre insulation via spray hose.

We will replace the tar shingle roof with white metal, in the spring.

We are also installing a grey water recycling system, harvesting water from showers to be used to flush the toilets.

The new Green ON rebate program has been launched, making all of these changes very affordable, with rebates covering a large portion of the cost of insulation installation, window replacements, heat pumps and geo-thermal heating loops.

If you are ready to make these changes to your property, please contact for more information.