Building Better Fest II - ft. Joel Plaskett
6:00 PM18:00

Building Better Fest II - ft. Joel Plaskett

Come see Joel Plashett, The Early Morning, The Averages, Marty Kolls, and Fun Fact in support of the Chippewa Sustainable Living Project. Building Better is building a sustainable living site in partnership Chippewas of The Thames First Nations' Chief Myeengun Henry to educate, and empower the community to lead the way in sustainable living technologies, clean renewable energy, rainwater harvesting systems for better access to clean water, and local food production and composting systems.

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Building Better Fest 2018 - supporting Chippewa Sustainable Living Project
to Jan 14

Building Better Fest 2018 - supporting Chippewa Sustainable Living Project

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Event Details

Local musicians, Local craft beer, Locally distilled spirits in signature cocktails, Local crafter's raffle

  • 7:30pm - Amanda Lynn Stubley
  • 8:30pm - Great Spirits
  • 9:30pm - The Pairs
  • 10:30pm - The Early Morning
  • 11:30pm - dance party with DJ Operator aka Justin Bardawill

$10 - All proceeds support the Chippewa Sustainable Living Project. Specifically, funds raised will be used to build a sustainable tiny home for eco-tourism on Chippewas of the Thames First Nation to generate income for affordable, sustainable housing and promote cultural bridging between natives and non-natives.

This initiative is a partnership between a London based non-profit organization, Building Better, which promotes and implements sustainable building technologies. and Chippewas of the Thames First Nation.

Want more information on the project? Can't make the show, but still want to donate? Visit the link below.


Musician Bios

Amanda Lynn Stubley

Amanda Lynn Stubley is a London-based musician, broadcaster, and folklorist. She performs solo and with The Heartaches Stringband and hosts For The Folk on 94.9 CHRW. When not involved in the music community, she enjoys gardening, canoeing and home-canning.

Great Spirits

Al Aguilar, Todd Taylor, and Joel Jacobs collectively known as Great Spirits is a three-piece fusion group founded in London, Ontario with members hailing from Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto, respectively. Their sound can be described as an eclectic mix of Rock, Funk, Jazz, and R&B. The group was formed when Al Aguilar, a seasoned bass player new to London from Los Angeles, met Toronto-based drummer Joel Jacobs at a Jam at East 765 Bar. The two hit it off almost immediately with an intuitive interplay of bass and drums. Shortly after, Vancouver guitarist Todd Taylor met Al at a show at the London Music Hall. The two talked about common musical interests and both being new in town, decided to set up a jam with Joel, who had also moved back to London to open his music school Junction Beats. As they say, the rest is history. The three musicians were in sync. Playing off each other effortlessly, they made their debut and almost immediately caught the attention London’s musical elite. The name Great Spirits comes from a love of good company, great drinks, positive energy and a reverence for those that have come before.

The Pairs

"Their stage show is packed with exceptional three-part harmonies, with all the beauty and intensity of a pipe organ. The rythms assed by Plimmer expand the songs far beyond the barriers of the folk label. At any point in the show the vibe can transform from Joni Mitchell to full out Destiny's Child." - Gerard Creces

Writing from imagination, the heart and life experience, The Pairs are looking to make an uplifting impact where ever they go. The group draws on their training in choral music and meshes it with their eclectic love of folk, singer songwriter, rock and blues to create a unique sound powered by 3 vocalists; Hillary Watson, Renee and Noelle Coughlin and drummer Steve Plimmer.

The Early Morning

An Old East Village based London band, with most members living on the same street, plays a unique blend of alt-country and soulful rock n' roll. 90's influenced songwriting with blended vocals, a female rythym section and great stage energy. "Sure, rock n' roll is a young person's game, but we are trying to re-write the rules and create something that stands out from the rest.", say's Malcolm Scott, guitarist and one of the bands many songwriters. The bandmates are all parents and have 9 kids between them. Despite this, and their professional careers as lawyers and educators, they still find time to rock out until The Early Morning.

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Reconciliation: Screening of Gord Downie's 'Secret Path'
6:30 PM18:30

Reconciliation: Screening of Gord Downie's 'Secret Path'

Minimum $10 donation, in support of The Chippewas Sustainable Living Project.

6:30pm Doors and Bar open
6:50pm - Welcome address and sage burning with Chief Myeengun, Elected Chief of Chippewas of The Thames First Nation and Manager of Aboriginal Services at Conestoga College
7:00pm - 8:00pm - Screening Gord Downie's, Secret Path
8:00pm - 8:30pm - Discussion with Chief Myeengun on reconciliation and what it means to be an ally to the First Nations people.

The Secret Path is an animated film adaptation of Gord Downie's album and Jeff Lemire's graphic novel. Working with Downie's poetry and music, Lemire has created a powerful visual representation of the life of Chanie Wenjack. The film is divided into ten chapters, each a song from Downie's musical retelling of Chanie's story – from his escape from the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, to his subsequent and heartbreaking death from hunger and exposure to the harsh weather. The final product is a uniquely immersive emotional experience - an insight into the life of a little boy who, as Gord has said, he never knew, "but will always love."

More about Chippewas Sustainable Living Project:

Building Better has partnered with Chief Myeengun, Manager of Aboriginal Services at Conestoga College and Chippewas of The Thames First Nation to implement a sustainability and cultural site.

Using 5 acres of reserve land, we will showcase sustainable building and living technologies. We will also allow space for community engagement and First Nation cultural practices including sweat lodging, story telling, fire circles, food production and craft and skill development. We hope to combine new technologies and ancient First Nation beliefs to promote sustainability in our area, and improve our native / non-native relationship.

We will build an earthship home that uses passive solar heating and cooling, water collection and treatment, solar electricity, indoor food production, and will be built using recycled materials. Chief Myeengun will use this home and gain first hand experience living off-grid and in a sustainable way. We hope to inspire others in his community to make similar choices and reduce their environmental impact. We plan to host workshops and tours for skill transfer and education in sustainable technologies.

We will also build an off-grid tiny home from mostly salvaged materials, that operates using solar panels and water catchment systems. It will feature a well insulated living space that requires very little energy to heat and cool.

It will be built locally in London, Ontario in shared workspace by non-profit organization, Building Better. This model of sustainability will showcase Building Better’s work of making a living space that is in line with environmental values.

The tiny home will be available for rent so that people can experience small space and off grid living, and engage in eco-tourism locally. This opportunity will be open to both First Nations people and non-natives. We hope to bridge our cultural gap and give non-natives a tourism experience on the reservation. We plan to develop this into an eco-tourism based social enterprise that provides meaningful employment to members of the Chippewa community.

Proceeds from the rental will be used to fund the next build. The tiny homes that are built with rental income will be used for affordable housing for people living on the Chippewa of the Thames first nations reservation, where first nations people will be encouraged to apply for a low and affordable rent to own program.

We hope to provide building experience and training to members of the Chippewa community that are interested in building and sustainable technology.

We have secured the Hutton House as our charity partner and will work together to develop a skills training program in building, eco-tourism and food production for their participants with barriers to employment.

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Six Nations Earthship Tour
9:00 AM09:00

Six Nations Earthship Tour

Last summer, Earthship Biotecture visited the Six Nations territory to build a simple survival Earthship for Flower, grandmother of five and lifelong member of the Six Nations community.  She had been living in a trailer for 30 years.

Marianne Griffith, director of Building Better, committed herself to four years of ground work to see this project come to fruition. 

Construction was completed in 11 days!  The Huffington Post made this video about it. 

Flower is opening her Earthship to the public on Sunday, 30th July.  This is the new, simple survival wood model earthship - the first of its kind.  This model showcases low cost, low tech systems, with the total material budget at ~$40,000.

We will be running tours and raising funds for the next Six Nations build: the Mohawk Seedkeepers' Earthship.  $10 recommended donation.


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Inspiration Fest
12:00 PM12:00

Inspiration Fest

Our friends at the Social Beehive have organised this innovative new community festival in the heart of Wortley Village where entrepreneurs & businesses come together not to sell their wares, but to build relationships as they share their purpose.

We are excited to join them at this unique opportunity for networking and community building.  Come find us with the London Environmental Network at...

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Climate Reality and Sustainable Solutions
6:30 PM18:30

Climate Reality and Sustainable Solutions

An Information session on Climate Reality, led by Professor and Engineer Tom Davis, who was personally trained by former US vice president, Al Gore, to deliver a hard hitting, but ultimately inspirational presentation on what human produced carbon emissions have done to the planet, and how dire the sittuation will be if we don't make fast and strategic changes.

Mr. Davis and one of his top students will also highlight new technologies that are available to slow and reverse climate change. They will introduce a local London project that will retrofit 68 townhomes to net zero housing, and explain how this is possible, costs associated with the retro-fit, and the potential return on investment for such projects. 

Representatives from Earthship Biotecture will speak on less conventional sustainable building projects that use recycled materials, water catchment and treatment systems, and passive thermal heating and cooling. Londoner, Marianne Griffith will highlight her experiences building these homes abroad, her recent humanitarian off-grid build in a local First Nations community, and future plans and projects that will be happening locally.

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