Mohawk Seedkeepers’ Earthship

Over the summer of 2018 we will build an Earthship greenhouse and kitchen with and for the Mohawk Seedkeepers on the Six Nations of the Grand River territory.

This facility will promote traditional plant propagation techniques and traditional cooking, and engage the community in a journey back to self-sufficiency and sustainability.

 This will be a custom design: a hybrid between the wood simple survival and the wide greenhouse global model.  The botanical cells will be enlarged to optimise planting space while the internal ‘living’ space will be left mostly open plan to allow for a commercial kitchen to be installed. 

The facility will have multiple uses, centred around fostering Haudenosaunee agricultural practices, it will also provide a location to host workshops, internships and programs.  Adopting a new economic system, this facility will be community run, create employment for community members and generate revenue for community initiatives.


Message from Terrylynn Brant, founder of the Mohawk Seedkeepers:

Terrylynn Brant and Michael Reynolds Six Nations Earthship, July 2016

Terrylynn Brant and Michael Reynolds

Six Nations Earthship, July 2016

The communities of the Original People's of this land have under gone many assaults. The lands, the animals, the foods, and even the people themselves are now trying to revitalize their way of life. There has been much indigenous knowledge held by the original peoples that makes it possible to live in harmony and unity with all of creation.

Mohawk Seedkeeper Garden is currently in year 4 of a 7 year revitalization plan. The first few years saw the gathering and planting of Haudenosaunee heritage seeds from across Mother Earth to establish a Seed Lending Library.  As this model garden continues it is necessary to build a structure to further share our indigenous knowledge.

Mohawk Seedkeeper Garden in unity with Building Better and Earthship Biotecture is looking to construct an Earthship in the summer of 2018.  An Earthship is a self contained learning space.

The purpose of this Earthship will be a community kitchen and learning space. We wish to share ways to prepare and serve healthy Haudenosaunee foods grown in our teaching gardens. We hope that by sharing and learning together we can revitalize the sovereignty of our communities wherever they maybe. Through our efforts we wish to attack the food related diseases which plague our communities since we have left our traditional diets.

Having a building which provides for a sustainable learning centre will model alternative home construction for our communities and lead to alternative employment in our housing crisis. A quote once said "Corn raised a village" and this is true form the Haudenosaunee people. As we have gotten away from growing our corn our communities have suffered socially, emotionally, culturally and physically.

Please donate to bring corn, our bread basket , back to our community.


Terrylynn Brant "Sera:sera"

Mohawk Nation Grand River Territory